Dating Apps to Build Your Relationship

Social networks and modern technologies have made our life as simple and convenient as possible. Previously we mentioned top dating sites to meet a Ukrainian woman online.

Today, you can work from anywhere in the world, order food in one click, and get acquainted with the person of your dreams, using a special application for a tablet or smartphone. Recent studies have shown that more and more couples (including those who are happily married) are finding each other online, and this fact cannot be discounted. We have put together five great applications that will help you find a pleasant companion, a loved one, or just quick sex. But we immediately warn you: online dating in a game format is incredibly addictive.

  1. Tinder

Free for iOS and Android

Perhaps the most popular application that helps to find a couple for a one-night meeting and for a relationship with a long-term perspective. Tinder is like a fun game where you don’t need to do anything extra: just set the search area (in kilometers), as well as the gender and age of the person you want to talk to. Done? All you have to do now is swipe the photos of potential partners right if you are interested in them and left if not. Moreover, the person you rejected will never know about it. But if you express sympathy to someone, the application immediately tells about it. And it is up to you whether to start a dialogue in the chat or not.

          2.    OkCupid

Free for iOS and Android

Unlike Tinder, OkCupid is not connected to Facebook, which means that no one can find out (even if they really want to) where you work and who you are friends with. The app helps you find a partner with the help of a rather elaborate questionnaire which includes strange and sometimes even absurd questions that obviously make it possible to determine your life position. Or you can just use geolocation. There is an excellent Quickmatch feature that displays a large-scale gallery of photos with the age and location indicated below. The principle is the same as in Tinder: swipe left – nothing happens, swipe right – a person gets a deserved “like.”

        3.       Pure

Free for iOS and Android

Pure positions itself as an application for finding sexual partners without, however, limiting the possible duration of this relationship. To find the option for one night, you need to specify your gender and the gender of the person you are looking for, add at least one photo, and write a few words about yourself. After that, wait an hour or less. The fact is that the application for sex without obligations in Pure is valid only for 60 minutes, then it becomes inactive. If you like the person, you can tell them about your sympathy, ask for additional photos, or go directly to the chat to discuss the details. It is important that Pure does not store any data so that you can feel completely safe.

          4.       Down

Free for iOS and Android

The oddity of Down among other dating apps lies in the fact that it looks for partners for dating and sex among your friends on Facebook. All you need to do is mark those you like (you also have access to friends of friends). If the one you have marked uses the application and, more importantly, also marks you, you can begin to act. Despite the relative publicity, only those who expressed sympathy for you will be able to find out that you use such an application. Let’s not forget about the useful feature of Daily Picks which offers three options daily to choose from.

           5.     Yep!

Free for iOS

In fact, Yep! is not an application for romantic dating, which, however, does not negate the fact that meeting over a cup of coffee will grow into something bigger. Interestingly, Yep! does not involve any communication: mark with special icons what would you like to do right now and discover that someone near you wants to do the same. The application, just like Pure, lasts only an hour, during which the app will try to select some company for you. Remember that Yep! is the most open application, so anyone can find out almost everything about you.

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