Downloading YouTube Videos with SaveFrom.Net

If you’re like many users, you’ve probably found more than a couple of videos on the Internet that you’d like to keep.

The problem often arises when you attempt to download them.

Using a streaming website like YouTube? Well, it doesn’t have an option to download the video there.

Or if you’re using Vimeo it is much the same thing.

But there is a way that you can download videos from YouTube, and it is safe and easy.

Of course, we’re talking about the popular website

Not only does this website let you download YouTube videos safely and easily but also it doesn’t require you to download any special software to do so.

A lot of questions on the Internet wonder about whether or not is safe or not.

From what we can tell, is not only safe to use but we recommend it if you want to download videos from a service like YouTube.

This is because is not only easy and safe to use, but it also gives you a reliably fast download every time.

But doesn’t only download videos from YouTube. It can also download from Vimeo, Break, DailyMotion, and Facebook, among others.

This makes one of the most versatile services around and a go-to for creatives that need access to some kind of media from these popular streaming services.

Basically, it’s very simple to do. You visit the website,, and you copy and paste the URL of the video that you want to download. will then analyze the source location and give you some download options. These will include video size (which impacts quality). Tell it what you want it to do and it should have it right on its way to you. Naturally, you will need to accept the download but you can do so with confidence. In all of our trials of, we’ve never experienced a malicious download. Indeed, sources the videos directly so this is quite an outlier in terms of possible outcomes anyway.

The second method that many people use to download videos from the web is the helper. This is a separate piece of software that you can download and add to your computer. Like the website, the Helper lets you download videos from streaming websites but does not require that the user visit the website. People are often wary of downloading “helpers” and that is completely understandable.

The Helper is safe but does slow down some older machines according to reports from users. This makes it tough to recommend that users download it instead of just using the website directly. The safest route, and the most efficient, is to download your video by pasting your URL in the website space for that and then getting your file from there. If you’re a serious downloader of YouTube videos, the Helper might make more sense, but few of us are at that level.

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