The Top 6 Best Dating Apps


If you’re singles and have been unsuccessful in connecting with someone appropriate in your local singles bar or night club, perhaps it’s high time you tried out Internet dating. This is a form of social interaction which hasn’t so much taken off in recent years has exploded, with new dating sites being launched every month, and many of the longer-established sites now boasting memberships running into tens of millions.

The sheer convenience of getting to meet prospective partners from the comfort of your own home means more and more individuals are signing up. But what are five of the best dating apps on offer?


Flirt offers clients a seamless route into the dating world, with a clean interface and logical navigation. For anyone relatively new to online matching, there are chat rooms where you can interact with local daters, or from anywhere in the world. There is also a search facility which users can tailor according to personal tastes, right down to hair color, or whether or not possessing a degree or a tattoo is a plus or minus.


Cupid offers you the services of your very own virtual wingman, Barney, as you embark on your quest to find love with this popular dating resource. The site is noted for its modern and techy design approach, making full use of eye-catching color schemes and bold icons. Sometimes regarded as a bit too flashy for older daters, it is nonetheless a long-running site with a large membership. There are multiple methods of interacting here, with chat rooms, the ability to send winks or to fire ‘Cupid’s arrow’ at other singles who catch your eye.


Unlike sites geared towards matching according to compatibility with long-term partnerships in mind, Tinder is squarely aimed at the here-and-now, and the ability of site users to make instantaneous decisions based on Facebook photos and a brief bio. Clients are prompted to either swipe to the right or the left, depending on whether they like the look of a potential partner. Or they don’t. How popular is this superficial web platform? With over a billion daily swipes in either direction, the answer to that question is close to ‘how long is a piece of string?’


Currently boasting new member uptake in excess of 18,000 per week, EliteSingles is aimed at the 30-55 age demographic, and deliberately targets university-educated or professional individuals. It is pricier than many of its peers, but the argument is the algorithms it uses are designed to ensure the specific dating needs of its users are catered for. On average, EliteSingles will provide anything up to seven matches for members based on this strictly professional criteria. Unsuitable for casual dating, the ethos behind this web resource is it is catering for people wishing to commit.


Part of the reason many casual site visitors can get disillusioned with dating sites is because they are presented with too much in the way of choice. CoffeeMeetsBagel is an app which ensures only a limited number of users can be interacted with on a daily basis. This limited pool has the effect of fine-tuning searches, and this is exemplified by the way male site users will be targeted with a list of available females in their area. The latter receive a similar daily list, which will be prioritized according to those individuals who have expressed a degree of interest. When these lists synchronize, the fun can really begin, thus eliminating a lot of the hassle experienced on other sites where time is wasted attempting to connect with unsuitable people.

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