Important Candy Crush Soda Saga Tricks You Must Know

Soda Saga is the popular sequel to Candy Crush Saga.

It is packed with the same addicting gameplay, yummy-looking candy pieces and engaging sound effects. Just like in Candy Crush Saga, there are also different objectives you need to watch out for and you need to understand what needs to be done in every objective. You might also want to read the following tips and strategies that will help you in the game, especially when you get to the harder levels.

It’s Not Just Matching Candies All the Way

You might be used to just matching three or more candies when you play Candy Crush Saga, but in Candy Crush Soda Saga, sometimes, that is not the only thing you need to do. There are levels where you’re asked to raise the soda level to the top of the board or get the “Bubble Bears” to the top of the floating candy pieces. In these levels, regular or special candies are not much help. You will need to pop soda bottles to raise the soda level. Only as the soda rises will the “Bubble Bears” also rise to the line.

Frosted Bears Levels

In levels like this, you’ll be asked to free the “Frosted Bears”. Sometimes it only takes one match, but if the bears are covered with cake on top, you’ll have to match those three times to free the bears. The key is to keep matching the candies opposite the frosting. Don’t bother breaking the frosting that doesn’t have bears inside. Locating the bears may also be difficult – keep an eye out for a faint green glow in the frosting. Also, don’t memorize the position of the bears, when you failed the level. If you restart the level, the frosted bears will be positioned in a different way.

Clear Candies Directly Above the Bubble Bears

In Bubble Bears levels, make sure that you clear the candies above the bubble bears, because it will help them float to the top of the line of candies. Try to avoid clearing candies below the bears, because it won’t really help the bears float. You must also check how many bears you’re asked to make float to the top. Usually the bears only appear one a time; so you must check first how many you need to free, so you don’t waste your moves in freeing the only bear appearing in the board.

Know Your Priorities

If you come across licorice cages, it’s important that you break them open first. Licorice cages are your enemy, because they caged important candies and they are also a great barricade in the Bubble Bears levels. Match the caged pieces with the same-colored pieces to break the licorice. You must also be able to know how to use the color bombs wisely. When you swap a color bomb with a regular candy, all the other candies of the same color will be zapped away in one move. If you have barriers on the board, it might be a better idea to use the color bombs to clear the barricades instead of just clearing out regular candies.

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