Showbox Suffers Yet Another Glitch: Here’s How to Resolve It

Picture this: you only need one app to stream your favorite movies and TV shows in HBO, Hulu, Netflix and Vudu on your phone. Showbox is an Android app that makes that possible, which is why it’s no surprise that it’s wildly popular among many users worldwide. The app even allows you to download videos so you can view them offline, making it easier to watch your favorite shows even when you don’t have internet connection.

But Showbox has not been safe from glitches. In fact, it suffered an outage that lasted for several days late last year and many users speculated that Showbox may be succumbing to the legal battle that it’s been fighting against movie studios and content providers because of copyright infringement. So, what’s the latest Showbox news? Luckily, the app was up and running—or at least until recently when it started to show some errors like server access denied, video unavailable or URL not found again. But before you start to panic, here are some fixes that you can try:

Problem: You can’t download video files.

If you’re getting errors whenever you’re trying to download videos from Showbox, simply use the “Manage App” option from your mobile device’s settings. When you find the MegaBox HD app, simply clear cache memory and app data, and restart your phone to see if it works this time.

Problem: You get video playback errors.

It’s definitely frustrating when a video does not playback correctly or if the app hangs whenever you choose playback. One of the easiest fixes to this problem is by deactivating all automatic updates on Google Play. You can also try the “Developer’s Option” by tapping “Build Version” seven consecutive times. Just go to Settings>About Phone where you will see this option.

Problem: You are getting video unavailable or server access denied messages.

This is a common problem for users where Showbox or the video itself is blocked in their country. If you find a movie or video does not load properly or buffers all the time, you might want to try using VPN to resolve this issue because it connects to a dummy server where there are no restrictions. You can also use a VPN to solve other issues such as ‘URL cannot be played‘ and ‘server low’.

Of course, you can’t forget to check if you have the latest version of Showbox on your mobile device. Updating your app can already fix a lot of problems and error messages. There are times, however, when it makes the problem worse. If you’ve already updated to the latest version of Showbox but you’re still getting the same errors or the problem became worse, then you should uninstall the app and download the older version from the Google app store.

The Takeaway

Although Showbox’s legality is still up for debate, there is no denying that the app has benefited a lot of users around the world, especially those who love to watch movies and shows but don’t have the budget to pay for paid streaming apps.

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