How to Use an iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is a portable device from apple that serves as a media player, a digital assistant and Wi-Fi source. As the name suggests it uses touch screen technology which allows users to enter information by making direct contact with its surface. The compact device is not difficult to use. It may seem strange at first to enter information in this way, however in no time it will become no less natural than using a laptop or PC.


  1. Remove your new iPod Touch out of the original box it came in. Take off the protective layer of plastic. Allow it to charge by connecting it to your computer via the USB port.
  2. The USB connection will also allow you to sync with iTunes on your computer. If you do not have iTunes download it from the official Apple website. Open iTunes. Once this is done the iTouch should automatically sync with it, while connected via the USB cable. This is something you will have to do as the iTouch will not function as it should without following this critical step. Until this is done a picture of the USB plug pointing to the iTunes logo will appear on the screen of the iTouch.
  3. To turn on the iTouch depress the button at the top left hand of the device. Once on, slide your fingers across the area which states: “Slide to unlock”.
  4. To access the main menu look for the home button which should be visible after the screen is unlocked. This button will always navigate to the home menu no matter what applications you are using on the interface.
  5. Get familiar with the screen. You should see 7 icons in the centre or top and 4 icons at the lower end of the screen. The last row at the bottom is the dock. This will make it easier for you to access all applications while using any other. This dock is much like that seen on a Mac.
  6. To access Wi-Fi tap the Safari icon that will load the browser. Before it does this you will need to select your network and enter your WEP key. Once the information is entered correctly the browser will open. To use the browser click into the address bar and automatically a QWERTY keyboard will appear on the screen for you to use. Using the keyboard is straightforward; simply touch the letters as needed. The iTouch will not connect to a network that is untrusted thus it may not necessarily connect automatically to an unsecured network.
  7. To access YouTube simply click on the YouTube App icon. You can access all other apps on your iTouch by simply touching the required icon. Do not touch areas of the dock unless necessary.
  8. You can change the settings on your iTouch by unlocking the slide and going to Settings “General“ Wallpaper if you want to change your Wallpaper for example. You can upload a few of your own pictures unto the iTouch by using the USB cable to transfer information from your computer to your iTouch. For more instructions on how to transfer via USB check the user manual, this will provide detailed instructions.

Tips and Warnings

  • Get an iPod Touch case especially if you will be travelling with it regularly. You will be able to choose from a variety of designs and colours.
  • Using a screen protector is a good idea it will keep the screen free of smudges and finger prints.
  • Handle it careful, it is a fairly delicate device that can crack or break. Upon purchasing ensure you get accidental damage coverage.
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