Easily Unlock Android Screen with Tenorshare 4uKey

Sometimes, one of the most frustrating experiences is to forget the best kept secret that you have painstakingly created. That is the screen lock passcode on your Android device, which can only be undone using fingerprint, pattern, password, and PIN verification.

Well, that is not a problem anymore because Tenorshare 4uKey-Android Screen Unlocker has finally arrived. And yes, it can help you solve your dilemma when it comes to bypassing or removing any passcode that you might have forgotten.

What Is Tenorshare 4uKey

Basically, Tenorshare 4uKey is an Android app that gives you the ability to remove forgotten passcodes from the lock screen on your mobile device. Thus, after which you can gain back access to your Android device without the hassle.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about fees because you can get it for free. Here are some steps that you need to mimic though in order to get started with this exciting new app called Tenorshare 4uKey.

Downloading Tenorshare 4uKey On PC

It is so easy to download the app on your computer. Simply click the download link of Tenorshare 4uKey and you will be prompted to choose the Trial Version or buy the licensed version of the app.

Steps To Unlock Your Android Mobile Device Screen

  • Connect Your Device

The first step that you are going to do is to launch the program and connect your Android device to a PC using a USB cable. Automatically, your computer will let you use the device after it has verified and downloaded the driver for it.

If you can’t connect to a particular USB port, try reconnecting using another to fix the issue. You will be notified if your device has been connected successfully to the PC.

  • Remove The Passcode

Once the device has been connected, you will be prompted with the “Remove” button so that you can get rid of the lock screen passcode you have unintentionally forgotten. You just have to wait for a few moments after the app will initialize the sequence of unlocking your Android device.

However, take note that the process of unlocking your device will also erase all of your data inside your Android mobile device. So before you decide to continue try to consider the consequences first. A prompt will help you decide if you want to continue or cancel the process.

  • Recovery Mode

You will be prompted with the next process after the removal. Simply follow what the screen wizard will tell you as it will put your device into recovery mode. But you have to disconnect the device from the PC first before getting into the next step.

Turn the power off first and get into the recovery mode. You will have to press the Home + Power + Volume Up buttons altogether for a few seconds to do this. When you finally reach the recovery mode, browse within the options using the Volume Up or Volume Down keys. Thus, you can reboot, wipe data, or run any app saved on the memory card.

The next time you log into the device, you will no longer see the lock screen. Instead, you will go directly to the home screen to start the fun you once have.

Main Features Of Tenorshare 4uKey

  • Removal of Android Screen Locks Fast

Anyone even without professional expertise can execute this process. Simply follow the steps provided.

  • Auto Detection Features

This prevents your Android device from getting bricked unlike other apps out there when you attempt to reset the screen locks. First, it will detect whether it is ready to perform the removal process and erase the files.

  • Supports All Android Devices

Whatever mobile phone brand you are using, you will definitely get what you came for, provided it is running Android operating system version 1.5 to 8.xx and later.

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