7 Coolest Gadgets You Can Buy in 2019

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7 Coolest Gadgets You Can Buy in 2019

When it comes to tech gadgets, there are cool options, and there are ‘very cool’ options.

Which would you go for? The best of the very best is curated for you in this article.

Welcome to the world of super cool tech gadgets, of which a single purchase would mean a tech-win in 2019!

1.     2019’s Best Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

When you hear Samsung bragging about their S9, know it is for good reason. The S9 has amazing camera quality- with dual 12MP back cameras that each come with a magnanimous width of 1.5 maximum aperture.

The super widescreen of this phone cannot be relegated to the background, giving you comfort for your money.

2.     2019’s Best Laptop: Huawei MateBook X Pro

This is still the best laptop to be bought in 2019, for its superb tech features.  

It has a stunning screen and lengthy battery life and comes at an affordable price too. What’s not to love?  

3.     2019’S Best TV: Samsung Q9FN

TVs aren’t exactly in vogue, but the Samsung Q9FN will steal your mind with its QLED technology. It’s a brilliant, bright and colorful television with a Full Array Local Dimming system. Waste no time in purchasing yours, if you’re a fan of tch-inspired TVs.

4. 2019’s Best Gaming Console: PS4 Pro

Sony’s PlayStation series has not stopped giving us goosebumps; especially with the new PS4 Pro. This is particularly so, because of how great the hardware is, as well as the awesome games offered on it. Perfect for a swell time with the boys.

The gaming console supports HDR and 4K technologies, as well as ground-breaking speed, and is still Sony’s best gaming console till date.

5. 2019’s Best Solar Generator: Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000

Looking to buy a solar generator that’ll serve as either a backup energy source for your home or to take out on a camping trip? Your best bet, in 2019, is Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000. It is Goal Zero’s most powerful power station, with a 3,075Wh capacity that can power devices for days in a row. So many awesome features in this solar generator to make it the best around.

6.     2019’s Best Fitness Tracker: Moov Now

Fitness tracking has never been more amazing. This device steps it up a notch, with its amazing battery life. which other device do you know that has a six-month battery life? I know not!

In these six months, you are able to track your steps, your sleep, fitness and running techniques amongst other things.

7.     2019’s Best Camera: Nikon Z6

Cameras are still very essential to capture superb, heartrending moments, and this is why you need to have the Nikon Z6. It is an excellent blend of youth and usability, that ticks all the right boxes: performance, price and excellent features. It has a 24.5MP sensor as well as very detailed imagery.  

Do your hands wobble? Never mind, the 273-point autofocus system of the Nikon Z6 will help you capture moments, even if they are fast-moving or fleeting, and even if you struggle with wobbly hands.

With an ergonomic body, you are able to control this camera with smart touch mechanism, and an FZT adapter. Let’s just say its sleekness would wow you, and make you fall head-over-heels in love.

Wrapping Up

If you were confused about which cool gadget in the range of listed gadgets to buy before, you have the best of the best in this list, and all you need do is pick your choice, and become a super cool techy individual. It really is that simple!

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