Enjoy Quality Sound with Free Android App Equalizers

With the advancement of technology, smartphones are not only useful for making calls and sending messages. Aside from camera features and WiFi connectivity, listening to music from your mobile phone has become the norm to most people. However, not all Android phones are equipped with speakers made for listening to music and not all headphones have Dolby sound.

Moreover, not all phone users have the patience and know-how on to fine tune their phone settings for better sound quality.

This should not really be a problem since there are downloadable equalizers made for Android phones and are available from Play Store. With WiFi connection, you can pick the perfect equalizer for your phone.

Bass Booster and Equalizer

This free equalizer app is designed with powerful features that include a 5-band equalizer with 20 presets to choose from. This is a 10-band music player app that comes with playlist feature so you can listen to your favorite music anytime. Not only does it enhance the bass on headphones but also, it can improve the bass quality on woofers.

Another interesting feature is the Vocal that allows you to listen only to the vocals. With the latest update, the bugs for Android Marshmallow have been fixed. Also, with the use of a lyrics reader app, it is now possible to read lyrics while a song is being played. It also supports multi-format audio.

Equalizer Music Player

What makes this Android equalizer separate from the rest is its available separate bass controller. This app also comes with a built-in music player that makes it possible to listen to music while adjusting sound levels. It is also compatible with stereo and surround effects that can be enjoyed more with the use of quality headphones.

Music Volume EQ

Last updated on December 2016, this volume slider comes with live music stereo LED VU meter. Best used with Bluetooth headphones, this five band equalizer also has 9 preset EQ profiles and an option to customize the profile. Other features include a Home screen widget, bass booster, music amplifier, visual sound spectrum and lock media volume among others. Installation and use is also easy. By simply connecting the headphones, turn the music on and press play.

For sound level and frequency adjustment, simply open the app. With the latest update comes enhanced stability and speed and new full-screen visualization.

Equalizer FX

Just like the previous app, this one allows the user to customize their profiles and save them for later use. This Android equalizer also boasts of features that include visual and preset settings, bass boost and loudness enhancer. Version 3.0 was the latest update released in October 2016 and with it came bug fixes, material design and new functionality. There are 12 presets available and the user can also create presets. So as not to take much RAM, this free equalizer app turns on and off automatically when the music is turned on or off. Moreover, this application is compatible with music players as well as audio streaming services like Spotify, Tuneln Radio, VK and Pandora.

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