How to Spend Google Play Credit on Amazon

Did you just receive Google Play credit via email? Well, don’t worry, because today we will explain you how you can spend your Google Play Credit on Amazon. It is good to know that you can use your Google Play credit to buy almost anything from most popular online stores, but there are still some restrictions and exceptions to this rule.

Redeeming Your Gift Card

  • Open the Google Play Store;
  • Tap the Menu button and select Redeem;
  • Type the code when prompted and select Redeem.

After you redeem your gift card, you can start spending it any way you want. Today we will teach you how to spend it on Amazon, but we have to mention that you can only buy Kindle apps with it.

In other words, you will NOT be able to buy any virtual or tangible consumer products from Amazon, but you will still be able to purchase applications for your Amazon Kindle. Before you can do this, you will need to enable sideloading, which allows you to install applications from other sources. We have to remind you that Amazon App Store is the only official and recognized source for Kindle.

So, enable the “Unknown Sources” option that allows you to install applications from third party sources by doing the following:

  • From the top of home or main screen swipe down and select More
  • Tap on Device -> Allow Installation of Applications and turn “Unknown Sources” ON

The Play Store app is not available for Kindle, so this is the reason why you will need to open your browser and head to the official Google Play Store webpage (search it on Google). After completing the transaction, we suggest you to turn off the “Unknown Sources” option (see the steps above).

We have to mention that sideloading is not risky for your Kindle device, but there is always a possible way to get an application that has some malicious code attached to it (especially if it is FREE). However, when you disable the “Unknown Sources” option, you will eliminate the risk of getting a malicious application on your device.

Google Play Credit: How To Send It

  • Open Google Play Store app;
  • Tap the Menu button and select “Send gif”;
  • Select the gift that you want to send and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.
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