Grab The Best Deals Out Of Smartphone Plans In 2017

Unlimited data plans are coming back in action as carriers have decided to ditch them in the last couple of years. Sprint are T-Mobile are now heavily promoting them and as of January the 24th, T-Mobile will have an unlimited data plan as their only option.

T-Mobile’s One plan comes at $70 a month and is regarded as one of the best unlimited options to choose from for individuals as it comes with $10 more on its price than Spirit’s plan. Despite paying more money for the data plan, one receives better network as well as some added perks.

A lot of smartphone users don’t need an unlimited data plan which comes with a hefty monthly bill. A tiered plan will do just fine in order to save some money each month. Providers such as AT&T have a plan which is worth about $60 and comes up with 3GB worth of internet data. Verizon on the other hand is aiming at performance as their $70 plan is offering 4GB of network but with superior performance in order to forget the price discrepancy.

Best Unlimited Plan

T-Mobile’s $70 One plan is one of the best choices to have in mind if you wish to have unlimited monthly data. Bear in mind that streaming quality is pretty poor but if one is content with 480p quality video the data plan is probably good enough. Higher quality video streaming will come with the T-Mobile One Plus pack which costs an extra $15 for more quality media.

Best Individual Plan

When it comes to alternative plans, AT&T come with great offers which are a great bang for the buck as they depend on what monthly plan one chooses. If one decides to buy the phone outright, AT&T will charge as low as $20 which includes perks such as 3GB of monthly data traffic. If one goes over the allocated data, AT&T will no longer further charge the amount you go over but will reduce the downloading speed to 128Kbps instead.

Best Alternative

Verizon comes out with the highest price tag on the market when it comes to plans as they are offering 4GB per month for $70. T-Mobile offer the same price for their plans but come with unlimited data plans but what makes people choose Verizon over them is the fact that no other carrier offers such a qualitative data plan. Verizon’s data plans also enable users to opt for a 2GB plan which comes in at $55 as well as a 8GB plan which will set users back about $90.

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