Google Maps Updated on Android to Help Users Get To Destinations Faster

Maps is one of the most useful web mapping services that make navigating fast and easy. The application is updated by Google pretty often and the latest update for Android will help users get to destinations faster, no matter if they’re driving, walking on foot or taking a bus or train.

Users will find more information in the swipe-up menu at the bottom of the screen, where they will notice three tabs: Places, Driving and Transit. The first tab will help users discover places around the location of choice, so they will know where to go and have breakfast, buy gas or sleep. They will be able to look up “cheap eats” or more luxurious restaurants in the list of suggestions, and they will also get more info on nearby places or detailed directions on how to get there.

Information about estimated times of arrival to locations such as Home or Work, which are saved on the map will be found under the Driving tab. Users will also receive real-time information on traffic conditions and they’ll be informed if there will be any delays on their route. But if they’ll take the usual route and skip the detailed directions, users will tap on “start driving” to get detailed traffic conditions reports.

Users who prefer the public transit will be saved from running to the bus in order to not miss it. The application will show detailed recommendations on when the next bus or train will arrive, as well as where they can find the nearest locations. After taking all these steps, users will be given an estimated time of arrival, as well as a real-time schedule for the desired means of transit.

The new update of Google Maps can be downloaded from the Google Play store and soon, it will be available to iOS users, as well.

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