What Are the Best Google Play Store Alternatives for 2017?

The Google Play Store may be a treasure trove of games, books, music and other apps, but it’s not entirely unique or the one and only. If you’re wondering if there are alternatives, the answer is yes. In fact, there are several options for Google Play Store that you can explore if you so desire.

8 of the Best Google Play Store Alternatives for 2017

  1. Amazon Appstore

What makes this the top alternative is because it gives away paid apps for free every day. That paid app you want to have but dare not pay a dime could be yours without paying a dime. Check it out daily and find out what the “Free paid app of the day” is. You might get lucky. It may have a smaller number of apps, but they’re also top-notch.

  1. F-Droid

As an open-source alternative to the Play Store, F-Droid also carries free and open-source apps. This means you can access the code for whatever apps you acquire from F-Droid.

  1. GetJar

This store not only carries apps for Android, but also for other platforms. It offers the kind of versatility that Google Play Store doesn’t have. A bigger draw is premium apps that are offered for free in a bid to generate traffic. And the biggest draw? No advertising, malware or tracking.

  1. Aptoide

This Play Store alternative also gives away paid apps for free, similar to Amazon Appstore. What is different is that Aptoide allows you to create your own repository where you can upload your own apps. So it has more apps than other Play Store alternatives. To protect users from downloading a malware-infected app, trusted applications come with a “Trusted Stamp”.

  1. AppsLib

Aside from providing apps to users, it is also the go-to store for Android devices, mainly tablets, which can’t get a Google certification. With almost 40,000 certified apps for specific devices, there will be no shortage of fun and games. Paying for apps is through PayPal.

  1. AppBrain

Living up to its name, AppBrain is definitely smart and brainy, particularly with its search function. Not only does it run search queries based on text, but also on device type, your interests, geolocation and many others. To say it’s personalized is a bit of an understatement. In addition, it gives you full control on what the app is doing. Want to track app updates? Let AppBrain know.

  1. SlideMe

Most devices that don’t use Google Play Store often have SlideMe preinstalled, for the simple reason that it is one of the most trusted among the alternatives. Similar to AppBrain, it also provides you with interest-based apps. You also have an option to manually test apps to ensure high quality.

  1. Mobogenie

This is your source of curated apps and one that provides you with intelligent recommendations. That is, it analyzes your preferences and suggests apps accordingly. It has a user-friendly interface and doubles as a file manager.

So if you’ve been searching for that finance app removed from Google Play Store, you may find it from any of these alternatives. Why limit your options at all?

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