Windows 10 Creators Update Comes with Two Surprising Features

In a few months, the Creator’s Update will be coming. Among the expected improvements are related to multitasking and a more personalized feature.

The first one is referred to as “Compact Overlay” which users will find helpful and convenient. This feature will allow watching a video, say in Skype, Movies or Netflix in full screen while being able to do something else, via another window.

With this one, it is possible to watch a movie and at the same time do something else, like search the web.

Meanwhile, the other update that will be part of the Creator’s Update has something to do with Microsoft Assistant, Cortana. While the Window’s 10 smart assistant already boasts of several capabilities which include making travel arrangements and restaurant bookings, with the upcoming update, Cortana will be able to do much more.

The update will allow Cortana to scan your emails so as to make your personal life and work more manageable. With this feature, the important dates and notifications will be identified so Cortana can remind you. In a nutshell, the chances of you missing deadlines and important dates will be lessened.

One classic example is an email you need to send at a certain date. You will be receiving pop-up reminders every now and then as the date nears, so you will not forget. Aside from this, you will also be reminded of other things, from purchasing tickets to submitting your business proposal.

For those who worry about Cortana being bothersome and bugging you in the middle of an important meeting, you are given the option to set the notification alert, just as you would, on your smartphone. The alerts will also be in the Windows 10 Action Center and it can be marked as complete or be snoozed.

Meanwhile, the Windows Creators Update will also bring new features on Microsoft Edge.

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  1. One feature the Creators Update will not include is what you have in the image! Pinning contacts to the task bar has been postponed until RS3 in the fall.

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