Opera Mini 22.0.225 Update Download Available for Android with New Features

Opera Mini is one of the best browsers that you can install on your Android device. The application offers one of the fastest browsing experiences, but at the same time, it makes sure that you safely surf the internet.

We have to mention that you are able to save more data while you are surfing the internet. The Opera Mini for Android is quite simple and easy to operate, as it comes with intuitive user interface and a clear navigation.

The latest Opera Mini version is 22.0.2254.113472 and it is free for everyone. It seems that the new version of the application comes with more Facebook features. From now on, you will receive updated notifications from your Facebook account, so in other words, if you don’t have the Facebook application installed on your Android device, you will still be able to receive notifications if you log into your Facebook account via Opera Mini browser.

Opera Mini also comes with incognito mode, which allows you to surf without saving any of the login data or web pages history. If you like to download multiple files at the same time, then you don’t have to worry about this, as Opera Mini allows you to do that.

Opera Mini 22.0.2254.113472 Android: Features

  • Low data consumption;
  • Browse with ease;
  • Ability to receive Facebook notifications;
  • Download smarter;
  • Browser privately via incognito mode;
  • Night Mode;
  • Intuitive user interface.

Previous version of Opera Mini came with a new start page news design, new download manager and background downloading and extended address bar suggestions.

Opera Mini 22.0.2254.113472 Android: How To Install

The Opera Mini 22.0.2254.113472 can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. So, all you will need to do is open the official Android store, search for Opera Mini 22.0.2254.113472 and install it on your mobile handset. Once the installation is complete, you can start using this awesome browser!

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