Best iPhone 8 Features We Need to See

We can definitely say that the iPhone 8 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. Naturally, there are a lot of leaks going around, together with rumors and speculation, so it’s interesting to see what people hope to find on the future device.

  • Wireless charging. This is not such a popular feature since many people don’t use it on a daily basis, but it might become so if the iPhone 8 will also support this. The thing is that more and more spaces and venues should start featuring the special pads for this type of charging in order for this solution to be widely used.
  • Siri improvement. Now when the AI market is a competitive one, Siri is the assistant that should receive some upgrades. Amazon and Google are starting to catch up in this domain, and Apple should come with some innovation in the field. People say that a quick voice command that would change the local settings might come in handy.
  • Facial recognition. This is a security feature that has been highly debated, since it did have some security leaks. However, Apple should solve this issues, since many people appreciate the fact that it saves time on some tasks.
  • Display all over the screen. The tendency nowadays is to have as little bezel space as possible, and the ideal would be for the display to take up all the screen surface.
  • Battery improvements. A larger battery is what everybody wants these days, and Apple would gain a lot if they made changes in this direction. At the same time, an overall performance improvement might also help the battery, so the company should take this into account too. The OLED display can do this, paired with a rearrangement of the components in order to save more space.
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