Gmail vs Yahoo! Mail: Which Will Get the Users’ Approval?

In the email service provider arena, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail are two big names that have been neck-to-neck on the race on which one is the better option. While these two players will claim being number one, the best judge would be the users.

The truth is, none of the email service providers out there are perfect. Each one has its strong and weak points. This is also the reason behind some users signing up for both Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. But it always helps to know the features of both to see which one is suitable for certain applications.

Overview of Gmail and Yahoo! Mail

Gmail was launched in 2004 and has since become one of the most downloaded free email services, with more than one billion monthly users. Aside from its minimal design and simplicity, Gmail is also easy-to-use. And in situations where internet connection is weak, this email service provider is quick to load. If there is one characteristic that is not in any of its competitors, filtering received emails is what Gmail does excellently than others. This is because it sorts out messages by content into labels automatically for a more organized email account. Consequently, viewing emails is more convenient and faster.

Conversely, Yahoo! Mail was released years earlier, in 1997 and for some time, it dominated the arena as the preferred email service provider by users. To date, it also has more than one billion users. While it has been criticized for having too many ads and the not so simple design, it makes up for the 1TB storage it offers. This is perfect for users who receive too many emails with attachments. Moreover, it can also be accessed via IMAP and POP. Another interesting capability of Yahoo! Mail is the integration of instant messaging, social networks, text messaging and emails, which makes it convenient to use.


Between the two email service providers, Gmail has a point over Yahoo! Mail in terms of flexibility. This is because with the former, several email attachments can be uploaded one after the other by ticking the files from the directory and it is fast. However, in Yahoo! Mail, attaching files takes you to a separate window and you can only attach a second file after you have attached the first. This takes more time.

Ease of Use

What is great about Gmail is that it allows you to use hangouts while in your Inbox. Moreover, you can also make phone calls and send messages without having to download a separate action, such as downloading messenger to use it. For its part, Yahoo! Mail also has messenger from the email itself and allows users to send messages to your contacts. Also, it automatically switches to simple and basic HTML if slow internet connection is detected. Gmail does not do this automatically and the user has to do this manually.

Both Gmail and Yahoo! Mail have features that make them effective email service providers. This is also the reason behind the comparison between two rulers. But at the end of the day, the best person to give the verdict is the user itself.

  1. Gmail is shit and made me do a horrible mistake. I forwarded an email to boss, but the title was hidden by default so could not change it and lost my job. Never use this piece of shit. One who designed gmail are idiots. They think users are IT expert and know each and every feature of their piece of shit in details. Don’t be fooled by their offerings of big data, big attachements etc. otherwise you will pay the price some day, just like me. These idiots added so many features in gmail with hidden complexities. Go for a simple email system. In my opinion, yahoo mail does not boast for big things like shitty gmail but delivers something simple and comprehensible.

  2. Email services have various attributes that are both advantageous and a hindrance to the customer or user that needs to participate in the application. Because it may be very hard to have only one service provide all your needs, it may be better to use multiple email services to acquire the services you need.

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