Skype Lite Released for India and Other Emerging Markets

It seems that Microsoft has released a new Skype version for people that have access to the emerging markets.

The new Skype Lite version has been developed for devices that run on Android OS. It has been optimized for limited internet connections such as 2G. For now, the new Skype Lite version is available in India, in 8 languages and has support for reading and replying to SMS and tracking mobile data usage.

To make things even better, Microsoft has built in a range of India-focused bots in order to help automate tasks and pull content (such as news) in an efficient way than opening a web browser. As expected, in order to save mobile data, any videos or photos that you receive on Skype Lite will be compressed. The Skype Lite installation file has only 13MB, which means that you will not waste too much data in order to install it on your Android smartphone/tablet.

Microsoft claims that it plans to integrate Aadhaar, which is India’s national digital identity scheme, allowing it to enable some services on Skype Lite from June 2017. This new feature will allow the company to enable Skype users to verify the identity of unknown callers in a variety of situations where identification verification is required, including good sales, property sale and job interviews.

Microsoft has also mentioned that Skype Lite was “built in India, for users in India”, showing that the company has big hopes for India’s mobile revolution. We have to mention that the internet access is growing quite fast in India, but it is still in its early stages. Let’s not forget that in India only 300 millions (out of 1.25 billion) own a smartphone, which is not that much.

However, there are smartphone manufacturers that are releasing pretty decent smartphones for an accessible price in India.

Will you use Skype Lite when it will be released in your country?

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