UC Browser Update Features Fast Download Speed

The latest UC Browser update for Android was intended to provide faster results in comparison to any other browser. Developers UCWeb claimed that their browser downloads are even much faster compared to any other mobile browser. In fact, the latest version of the app has increased to more than 15% on Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

Moreover, downloads are quite faster due to the multi-threaded download technologies used in the app. This would break down the files into smaller parts, which would allow the simultaneous download of each file. At the same time, the new version uses new improved algorithms that would efficiently fetch data from servers and write files to its storage devices.

In this new update, UC Browser also includes a new Web Application Center that would allow users to add Web applications to the browser itself. Thus, it would make the use and access of the Web apps to be much faster for those who would utilize the app on their phone.

Part of the update is the new image viewer and home screen widget. This would create albums of photos that populate the websites. This would also make it easier to view images on a website. Such a widget would grant easy and quick access to the browser straight from the home screen.

The basic features of the UC Browser are still in there, despite not being improved on the version 9.5. So, the app would still load automatically the next page of the site when you scroll down the bottom of the current page. In addition, it would still sync the tabs and bookmarks between devices.

Overall, one of the attractive features of the UC Browser is the download speed. If you want to have it tried on your own device, you can visit the official website of UC Browser to get updated with the latest.

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