Adobe Acrobat Reader: On Compatibility Issues and Installation on an Older Mac Version

Adobe Acrobat Reader, formerly known as Adobe Reader, allows for viewing PDF files shared to you through email or the web. Acrobat Reader for Android is free but how about for Mac?

While it has started as a simple reader, it did not come without drawbacks. These have resulted from too many extensions and plugins that often lag the process. For installations on older Macs, the slow speed is too apparent.

There are compatibility issues with 64-bit machines and in the case of Mac, Safari that runs on 64-bit mode is incompatible with the PDF viewer plug-in. It’s true, Adobe Reader has many uses and it has made viewing PDF files possible. Now, there is also the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC that allows for annotating, signing and printing PDF files. However, it has issues running on Mac.

Adobe Reader Mac works similarly to how it performs its functions on Windows. That said, it allows opening PDF files directly on the interface. By simply importing the file, the rest is easy. It also allows reading and annotating the file. Moreover, it allows the printing of the file from the interface and sign a PDF document that is not protected.

It is also free and lightweight which means that it does not eat much storage space. One drawback, though, is that it does not allow the user to create a PDF file. It can also be downloaded on an older Mac OS version.

For you to enjoy Acrobat Reader DC, you need Mac OS X 10.9. However, there is also a way to install a previous version of Adobe Reader to an older Mac OS. First, check the version of your Mac OS. Just right click on the Apple icon located at the upper-left side of your screen and click on “About This Mac”.

There are three easy steps to do so. First, open the Adobe Acrobat Reader download page. Next, simply select the operating system, the language and then the version you want installed on your Mac. After this, you can now download the file and you will see the progress bar as process is ongoing. You can now install the appropriate version by clicking “Continue”.

Meanwhile, Adobe Systems continues to improve their products by releasing updates, including, Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat Reader security fixes.

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