Google Maps 9.47 Update Download Available with Timeline and Sharing Improvements

Google Maps is one of the Google applications that the Android developer has recently updated. After the newest update, Google Maps has reached version 9.47, and has brought a couple of small changes to how the travel companion operates. In this article we are going to take a look at what’s different, to see what direction Google is taking with its popular road assistant app.


You can now share via the new Share button. This button is located on the details page, right at the top. The Share button has been an on and off deal for Google Maps, with it finally resurfacing in this latest update. In previous iterations, its positioning was also different.


Google has taken the opportunity to make some more fine adjustments to the Timeline feature which seems to have caught on with the public. It has been made so that now it is easier than ever to access the feature, looking to how Google is pushing to be sort of a main feature.

Blue dot menu

Many users are familiar with the blue dot menu, and how tapping the blue dot gives you access to a completely new menu. That menu is gone as you knew it, with a revamped version of it now being present in that spot. There are now only three lines in the blue dot menu and the overall aesthetic is also much nicer.

Google Maps can be updated from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, but if you for some reason lack access to the internet on your phone, you can also download the APK file and have it transferred over to your phone. Manually installing an app might not be as glamorous as just pressing the “update” button, but it’ll get the job done and users will have the latest version of one of the most used and appreciated applications for mobile devices.

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