Simple Task Alternatives for Windows 10 that can Make the OS Better

For the untrained eye, Windows 10 can look like a fairly straight forward operating system, with no tricks up its sleeve. However, that’s not the case by a long shot. You can make Microsoft’s latest OS offering as fun as you want, and by having multiple ways in which you complete the same task, you are setting yourself up for a pretty great computer session.

So what could make Windows 10 more dynamic? The answer of course, is all the little tricks that you can pick up as you’re using the platform. The can be very fun, but they can be equally as useful in certain situations. Take a look at what we’re actually talking about.

Shaking pages

Often times, you might find yourself with a ton of opened windows. They’re all piles up one atop the other, and it’s very hard to see everything that’s open. Not to mention that you can’t find a specific tab in all that chaos. You can just click on the top border of a window, and drag it with your mouse from left to right fast as if you were shaking it. This will cause all the other windows to collapse. This will allow you to start the search with a clean, fresh desktop.

Touch gestures

This category is unfortunately a bit of an exclusivist one. That’s because you need to have a Surface tablet or another device that has a precision touchpad. There are certain touch gestures available in Windows 10 that allow users to perform tasks differently. For example, you can drag three fingers across the touch pad downward to see the desktop. If you use three fingers to swipe from right to left or left to right, you can see previously used apps. Also, when you just tap the pad with 3 fingers, Windows will open a search tab.

Talking to Cortana

Cortana can be quite useful on a daily basis, but many are getting tired of having to click their way through to get to what they’re looking for. For them, there is the “Hey Cortana” feature. You can enable it from the settings and the digital assistant will respond when you say that line. This saves up a lot of of typing and clicking time.

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