Downloading and installing WhatsApp beta on iOS made easy

WhatsApp is a great smartphone application that is currently being used by over literally a billion people. Hate it or love it that says a little something about the app’s accolades. Nevertheless, there are, as you can imagine, people that want to take their relationship with WhatsApp even further. They can do this by trying out the beta version of the app.

Why use the beta version, you ask? It’s simple. By using the current beta build, you put yourself ahead of the live build, and thus have access to all the latest functions and features. This doesn’t come without a catch, unfortunately. In this particular situation, the catch is that you might experience certain problems. Beta versions of the app are on beta for a reason. Most of the time they still need ironing out, and sometimes don’t even have some basic functionalities implemented just yet.

If you look at it and decide that the good overshadows the bad in this situation, here’s what you’ll need to do in order to successfully download, install and use the current beta version of WhatsApp.

  • Before you proceed, keep in mind that WhatsApp doesn’t use or support Testflight, the app that Apple uses for testing. This means that you will have to download another one. You will need to download the app Cydia Impactor. This will act as a sideloader for your WhatsApp beta build.
  • Download the beta build and make sure you have an iTunes account ready to go. Because the app is in beta and it might access and use some personal information, it is advised that you create a brand new Apple ID just so that you are secured. That being said, open iTunes and make sure that your handset is detected, after you plug it into the PC.
  • Now take the beta build downloaded earlier and have it dragged onto the Cydia Impactor app. This will start the sideloading sequence. Before installation takes place, however, you will be required to fill out your Apple ID and password. This is where having a new one just for this pays off.
  • The last step is to go to your phone’s General tab under Settings, and access Device Management. This will give you access to the “Trust Apple ID” feature, regarding your newly created Apple ID. After enabling it, you are free to start using the beta version of WhatsApp.

Keep in mind that this app will not receive any updates and will not even generate notifications about updates. This means that every time a new build comes out, you will have to repeat the entire process.

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