Gmail vs Inbox: A Tale of Two Email Services

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When it comes to email applications, Inbox by Google is relatively a newbie, having been in existence for only a couple of years. Conversely, Gmail, short for Google Mail, can be considered a veteran, for making its services available for 13 years. And since both email services come from one developer, Google, Inc., the issue of which is better has become a contentious topic. Let’s assess if switching to Inbox is an option or if sticking with Gmail is the better choice.

Basic Features Present in Inbox by Gmail and Google Mail

Basically, Inbox by email is your Gmail account but with a different presentation and a separate application. It has features that are also found in Gmail which makes it appealing to those with existing Gmail accounts.

Since Inbox is Gmail, the basic free basic features of Gmail are also in it, such as, online storage space of 15GB which is shared with Google Drive, access using POP and IMAP, 3rd-party service interface and the 2-factor authentication for account security.

Inbox also allows you to switch to classic Gmail interface just as Gmail lets you switch to basic Gmail and the standard Gmail. And speaking of interface, this is one aspect that is obviously different between the two. Gmail has a simpler interface where messages in the inbox are shown according to dates while Inbox for Gmail has a more colorful interface and are grouped according to months in buckets, with the attachments shown on the lower section of the email.

There are also actions that are the same for both although with different names. These are:


  • Delete
  • Report as Spam
  • Archive


  • Move to Thrash
  • Move to Spam
  • Done

For similar actions of the two, Gmail has Star while Inbox has Pin, Mark as Unread and Snooze, Email yourself and Create a reminder, Organize with inbox categories and Bundle labels in your inbox as well as Create labels & filters and Create custom labels & automatically add emails.

Replying to Emails

When it comes to replying to emails, Inbox is one step ahead of Gmail. The former offers AI-supported replies to contact that cuts the time it takes to compose a message. There is a quick response in “blue” beneath the screen. After sometime, Google have decided to add emojis to the reply section. But for those who want to reply using their own words, it is still possible to compose a message.

Dealing with Emails

While there are several ways to organize your emails in Gmail, you need to do so with certain steps. With Inbox for Gmail, this task is easier since messages are detected and automatically classified. Moreover, you can delete them all at once.

Perhaps, the best way to compare the two is by saying that Gmail is old school while Inbox for Gmail is less formal. But not all users, especially those who are already familiar with Gmail, will have a smooth transition to Inbox.

The bottom line is that both email services have great features. While others will love the fresher interface of Inbox, there will be those who will find it confusing. As for the winner of the newest email battle, it all depends now on the personal preference of the user.

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