GTA 6 Rumors Indicating the Game’s Official Release in 2018

Grand Theft Auto series developed by Rockstar has enjoyed a great deal of popularity and praise from gamers as well as reviewers for many years on end and the successor of the ever so popular Grand Theft Auto 5 is having us in high anticipation as there were some rumors surging on the internet regarding its release date happening somewhere in 2018.

GTA 5 is now four years old and it is still topping game charts around the world being sold in as much as 75 million copies. The tantalizing news that we are to expect a large gap between the current GTA series and its successor, the Grand Theft Auto 6 hit many fans as they are now to wait in order for the developer team to entirely switch their focus to the newly-released Red Dead Redemption 2.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date News

Taking into account that Rockstar carefully scheduled the release date of previous GTA games, we can expect a gap of between four to five years between the current one and the ever so anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6.  This will most likely hint for a 4-year period in which developers are working around the clock to issue a new game. Expect the Grand Theft Auto 6 to hit the shelves somewhere around 2018.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Setting

Rockstar is yet to make any announcement about their next GTA game but rumor has it that the next one will be set in London judging by the 1999’s Grand Theft Auto: London which was featured as a mission pack for the original game.

The guys over at Rockstar are open to some possibilities to make sure that they add some spice to the already popular franchise by adding a female protagonist to the new series which would figure as a first for them.  Her traits are not known as of now but she is sure to be pretty tough and come with a criminal background as other main characters were featured to have in the previous releases of Grand Theft Auto Games.

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