Leaks Reveal That GTA 5 Online May Get Exciting New Feature

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If leaksters are to be believed, GTA 5 Online fans can look forward to something exciting this spring.

On February 20, YouTuber MrBossFTW released a video in which he talked about the possibility that the next GTA 5 Online update will focus on Special Vehicle Races. MrBossFTW revealed that he obtained this information from France’s GTA Forums, in which popular tipster Yan2295 posted two screenshots from GTA 5 Online. No one really understood what these meant until one forum member commented “Special vehicle races?” and Yan2295 responded with a French meme that translates into “Good answer”. Bender, another GTA tipster, cleared it up and stated that the next update — or at least one of the future updates — will include Special Vehicle Races.

MrBossFTW pointed out that this update can be described as a mix of the Import/Export update (which allows players to steal and sell special vehicles) and the Cunning Stunts update (which allows players to take part in extremely challenging races). The difference is that it would involve only special vehicles and not regular autos. GTA 5 Online currently has eight special vehicles: Ramp Buggy, Wastelander, Blazer Aqua, Phantom Wedge, Rocket Voltic, Technical Aqua, Armoured Boxville, and Ruiner 2000.

Aside from the exchange between the French GTA Forum members, MrBossFTW  also highlighted a tweet from @TezFunz2, who pointed out that the eight special vehicles should be added to the Content Creator. @TezFunz2 confirms that this is something that Rockstar can do but haven’t done so yet. There are several reasons for this, and one of them is that Rockstar might be waiting for the Special Vehicle Races update. If the special vehicles find their way to the Content Creator, it would mean that players can organize their own Special Vehicle Races, aside from taking part in Rockstar-created ones.

It’s important to note that Rockstar has not confirmed this report, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. If it turns out to be true, though, we might see Special Vehicle Races in GTA 5 Online this March or April.

In the meantime, you can tide yourself over with Rockstar’s Valentine’s Day Event, which offers discounts and other special offers up until February 27.

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