Learning More About UC Browser As It Gains Popularity Worldwide

Among the many mobile browsers out there, UC browser has gained popularity among users. This is a mobile browser developed by UCWeb, a Chinese mobile Internet company owned by China’s Alibaba Group. It was launched in April 2004 originally as a J2ME only application. This should work on several platforms, including Symbian, Java ME, iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone.

Features of UC Web

The main features of UC browser is the use of cloud acceleration as well as data compression technology. The servers of the UC browser act as proxy, compressing and rendering the data of the pages before they are being sent to the users. As a result, this would enable the Web content to load much faster compared to traditional methods. At the same time, this type of browser is adaptive to some network environments and multi-file format downloading support.

Manages Downloads

UC browser is able to support simultaneous downloads that would include download manager and pages to allow offline reading. At the same time, it would support pause-and-resume downloads. In fact, the newer version of the manager has several improved features created to support problems while downloading, including mislabelled files and intermittent Internet connection.

Cloud System

UCWeb has claimed that the cloud system used by the company is able to fetch data from the closest available servers. Therefore, it would make the loading process a lot smoother and quicker for users.

Data Compression

Users should know that data consumption is natural when browsing. However, with the use of data compression, it would practically reduce the consumption of data. UC browser has been compressing and rendering works within its servers since 2006.

Different Platforms

This app is compatible with several operating systems, including Windows Phone, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, and Android.  In as early as 2012, UC browser was already released for Windows Phones, which has become the most downloaded 3rd party Web browser for Windows. This browser features Wi-Fi sharing, Incognito browsing, and downloads.

In 2010, UC browser was introduced for iOS. Today, two versions of the app are already released on the App Store, namely the UC browser+ HD for iPad and UC browser+ for iPhone.

Android devices also took advantage of UC browser, which have the most user-base. In the Play Store, there are a couple of versions of the UC browser, which include the UC browser Mini for Android and the UC browser for Android.

Popularity in the Market

In 2012, UC browser surpassed Opera browser in the free Android app download category from the Play Store in India. Moreover, UC browser also claimed to have reached over 500 million users, based from the benefit of its huge user base in Indonesia, India, and China in 2014.

For Android and Symbian operating system users, UC browser is the most popular app. This is due to the fast surfing experience and awesome features, which has become more and more in demand all over the world these days.

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