Upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile to Get Free Minecraft Pocket Edition Update

Attention, Windows Phone users: if you can upgrade your device to Windows 10 Mobile, you’ll instantly get the Windows 10 version of the popular sandbox video game Minecraft.

This is great news for those who are still using Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows Phone 8. To be clear, this version is still up and running and allows players to explore worlds and build structures. However, players are stuck with old features since Minecraft has stopped providing updates to this version on October 2016.

Switching to Minecraft for Windows 10 is advisable since this edition has many features that the Windows Phone 8 doesn’t have. The Ender Update, for instance, brings Ender Dragons (along with dragon eggs and dragon heads) to the game as well as End cities, ships, and goodies. New potions, fruits, crystals, and building materials are also available. Of course, with Minecraft Windows 10 Mobile Pocket Edition, you’ll be able to receive all the DLCs, Realms, and Achievements that Mojang and 4J Studios would roll out in the future.

If you’re playing Minecraft for Windows Phone 8 and want to upgrade your gaming experience, you’ll need to download the Windows 10 Mobile update on your device. Contact your manufacturer to find out if your device can be upgraded to Windows 10 and ask when you’ll receive the update.

If your phone is not eligible to get the upgrade, you might want to look into buying a new Windows 10-powered device. It will cost you a substantial amount of money, but the purchase can be worth it since you’ll get to play the latest version of Minecraft while enjoying the features of Windows 10.

Already on Windows 10 Mobile but still playing the Windows 8 edition of Minecraft? Don’t worry since you’re included in the upgrade. Simply wait for the update to reach your phone, and you’ll automatically be upgraded to the Windows 10 Mobile Edition.

Unfortunately, if you’re on a Windows 10 Mobile device and have not yet played Minecraft, you won’t be able to enjoy the free update. To get the game, you’ll have to go the Microsoft Store and purchase “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition”. Currently, it’s priced at  $9.99, although the price will soon rise to $26.99. Get it ASAP to save $17 and enjoy the game’s latest offerings, including the Candy Texture Pack.

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