Gmail Updates, Status and New Features

As an easy to use app, Gmail would likewise save you some time and keep your messages private.  At the same time, it will allow you to fetch your messages in an instant through push notifications. Thus, you will be able to read and respond offline or online, making it easier and quicker to find any message.

Basically, you can enjoy a number of benefits if you would use the Gmail app. Say for instance, an organized inbox, which should provide proper sorting of social and promotional messages into categories. This will allow users to read messages from family or friends list.

Users may also experience less spamming, as Gmail would block spam before it would hit your inbox. This should keep your account safe and clutter free. At the same time, it provides 15GB of storage for free, so there is no need to delete messages to save some space. Needless to say, it could support multiple accounts, such as non-Gmail and Gmail addresses in Yahoo, Outlook, or any other platform straight from the app.

As Google wanted to have its services on as many devices possible, many versions of its apps have been put on mobile devices for years now. This would include the iPhone through the Gmail iOS app. However, even with the number of updates made by Google to suit iOS standards, the design wasn’t able to meet the current standards set by Google, while being very slow.

Good news for iOS users though, Google has finally brought Gmail into the new era. In fact, the new Gmail app has been rolled out a couple of months ago for the iPad and iPhone. Thus, it brought some functionality and design to match that of the Android app. It is even hard to tell the difference from its Android counterpart now. Basically, it hasn’t changed its normal features, so you can access to all Gmail labels and the search feature. Moreover, you can include more accounts, which the app would reflect whatever Inbox style that you have chosen from the desktop.

Nevertheless, iOS users may have noticed this update to be unique for them only. So, it might lead them to question why it took Google so long to come up with such changes, knowing that such an update was already existent in Android devices.

In addition, Google also launched the Calendar app for the iPhone a couple of months ago. Events, goals, and reminders from the Google Calendar are already integrated into the spotlight search of the iPhone. However, these features are absent on the iPad. Users can make this a main option and avoid using the built-in option from the iPhone.

The most recent update of the Gmail app provides bug fixes and some improvements on performance. Getting your app up-to-date should provide you with the benefits not present in most email services. The Gmail app is also compatible on most mobile devices out there, so you don’t have to worry for any issues anyway.

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