Google Maps Update: A How-To Guide

Google Maps has changed the way we use maps. The app has evolved from just being a tool used to find a location to something that’s indispensable in everyday life. When we to find something to do or a place to eat wherever we are, firing up Maps and tinkering for a bit gives us the answers we need.

New features are added by the Maps team occasionally and the only way to get those is to update your app to the current version. How do you do that?


  • Open Google Play Store
  • Tap the Menu icon to open a menu panel
  • Select My apps & games from the choices
  • Find Maps – Navigation and Transit from the list of results then tap on it
  • Tap Update on the screen that follows. If you don’t see the word, then the app is already updated or an update hasn’t been released yet.

This is a pretty manual procedure and most Android users just wait until they are prompted to install updates.


Starting with iOS 7, you can set your device to automatically update the apps you have installed. However, you have to make sure that apps are set to do so. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings then scroll to find iTunes and App Store
  • Tap on iTunes and App Store then scroll to see Automatic Downloads
  • Turn on automatic updates for apps you want to be updated without any prompts by sliding the button next to the app’s name

You can check which apps have been updated by going to the App Store then tapping on Updates. An alternative way to check is to go to the Notification Center.

Google Maps has been rolling out features lately that are of big help to lots of users. Through Maps, you can now just how busy that restaurant you want to go to is. Apart from that, you can also use Maps to find parking spaces – a bonus whether you’re somewhere local or going to a place you’re not familiar with.

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