iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date and Rumors

The work of Luca Todesco, an Italian developer, on the iOS 10 jailbreak continues through Yalu. In fact, Todesco revealed on his Twitter account the new update for the firmware to be on its way.

It was Todesco who developed the iOS 10 jailbreak to support the iOS 10.2 release. The problem with this update was that it remained to be in beta stage wherein it was only a semi-tethered jailbreak.

However, the iOS hacker was reportedly working on this problem for the fans. This might come from him or from another developer to work on this update. Nevertheless, there was no timeframe as to when he would be able to release the update for the 10.2 jailbreak. It was also found out that the iOS 10.2 jailbreak from the Yalu update would only work on most of the last generation of Apple devices. This is because the iPhone 7 has proven to be a hard task to accomplish.

Well, the famed hacker didn’t say a word regarding the release of this firmware to support the current generation smartphone. The one he was certain about was the iOS 10.1.1 Yalu jailbreak, but this is not the priority as of the moment.

Moreover, the iOS 10.2 jailbreak for older devices will no longer be followed by another update. According to him, he would take a break after fixing the iOS 10.2 version. Thus, all public research on iOS might be put to a halt momentarily. On the other hand, the iOS 10.1 jailbreak should be available to the public after releasing the 10.1 update for iPad and iPhone users.

For the meantime, the iOS 10.3 jailbreak has also gained some rumors from the iOS community. Thus, they are asking about the current status of the iOS 10.3 jailbreak release date. Perhaps the iOS community is beginning to feel a comeback from jailbreak hackers, as they were seen to be working on new jailbreak exploits.

The update regarding the release of iOS 10.3 might be announced after the 10.2 update has been given to the public. Thus, the next jailbreak would depend on the success of its previous exploits.

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