Pokemon Go Time – Limited Event Features Festive Pikachu

There is a good reason why Pokemon Go is the most popular mobile game in the world, and that is because Niantic Labs pays close attention to every small detail in the game. A couple of months ago the game developer started launching limited time updates and this increased the game’s popularity. This is why whenever a new event comes around, Niantic Labs looks to celebrate it in its game. The international Pokemon Day was on February 27th and Niantic Labs celebrated that by launching a brand new limited time update.

Niantic Labs Celebrates International Pokemon Day

The update has arrived on February 27th and it lasts until March 6th. Niantic Labs has developed this update with one purpose in mind, to make the game more festive. During this limited time period, players will be able to see a special Pikachu which wears different party hats. The best thing about this is that Pikachu will keep its party hats even if the event ends. Sadly, players are allowed to catch these special Pikachu only during the event.

Niantic Labs Improves the Social Aspect of Pokemon Go

One thing that makes Pokemon Go so fun is the fact that it allows players to interact with their friends. The game developer even went on Twitter and encouraged players to start a trend where they post pictures of the special Pikachu they are able to catch.

As previously mentioned, Niantic Labs keeps its players entertained by providing them with a constant stream of updates. In fact, the last Pokemon Go was the biggest one yet. It included over 80 new Pokemon. Additionally, Niantic Labs has teamed up with different retailers such as Sprint and Starbucks who offer PokeStops. This is why Niantic Labs keeps on doing its best to keep attracting new Pokemon Go players.

When Pokemon Go was first launched it had the entire world out on the streets hunting for Pokemon. This is the reason why companies such as Zipcar are trying to capitalize on the game’s popularity. For example, Zipcar is offering free rides in Boston for Pokemon Go players who are looking for PokeStops.

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