Google Pixel XL vs. LG G6 – The Flagship Battle to Look For in 2017

The Mobile World Congress has delighted tech enthusiasts from around the world with a lot of interesting releases which are to take this year by storm. The smartphone market will turn out to be as competitive as ever and people from around the world have the ability to get their hands on the latest issue from the South Korean tech giant LG.

LG has just launch their brand new G series smartphone which has completely switch away from its modular predecessor and now their G6 flagship is looking to be in line with other flagships which are extremely competitive. Such flagship device is Google’s Pixel XL and we are going to put them head to head and see what sets them apart and which one is the best one to choose from.

Size and Display

The LG G6 is slightly smaller in size than the Pixel Xl and is also a litter thinner in order for their users to get a better grip on with while using the device with one hand. In terms of built, both devices are entirely made out of glass and aluminum with a slightly different approach.

The G6 has a glass front and back with a curved aluminum frame which holds it all together. The Pixel XL on the other hand is mostly aluminum which is somehow similar to an iPhone but its upper back panel has a glass cover for more durability and style.

Display wise, the G6 has an amazing screen to body ratio which has enabled the Koreans to embed a bigger screen on a smaller body. Both devices have amazing display but the G6 is hands down the winner as it comes with a higher resolution paired with Dolby Vision.


Both devices are considered to be the best in their class when it comes to camera performance as the LG comes with a 13 MP dual camera setup in the back with a 5 MP snapper for amazing selfies whilst the Pixel XL comes with a 12 MP back snapper with a 8 MP sensor for its front.

What sets them apart is the fact that the LG G6’s rear has a dual lens setup which is comprised of one standard camera and another which has a wider lens. Users have the ability to toggle between them to fit more or less objects into a frame.


Both devices sport Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 and the same 4GB of RAM memory. The only difference is that the LG G6 only comes with a 32GB of internal storage space whilst the Pixel XL comes with a 128GB variant. Both handsets can have their storage spaces expandable.

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