Pokemon Freezing and Blue Screen Glitch Fix

Along with the Generation 2 update that was brought to Pokemon Go, many people experienced an annoying glitch. Often times, when players try to load the game on the iPhone, the game freezes and there is a blue screen. It’s not news though, but it seems that recently it began to appear more often.

If you’re one of the people who happen to encounter this quite often, here’s what you need to do:  wait until the loading screen with the baby Pokemon celebrating New Year’s Eve, then double tap on the home button in order to use the app switcher and tap the app again. From several people’s experience, this is a method that doesn’t fail.

However, the downside is the fact that it takes a while until the map gets populated again with the Pokemon, the Gyms and the PokeStops, so you will have to be patient if you see the empty map initially. The trick here is that if you don’t use this tip in order to get rid of the annoying glitch, you could actually experience it lots of times in a row. Some people even reported experiencing this 10 times in a row, until they quit and stopped playing.

The saddest part is that it won’t help if you uninstall and reinstall the app. Neither will logging out and going back in, and as far as we know, there is no permanent solution for this issue, and Niantic did not announce anything about it. As such, this loading trick is the only solution if you want to keep playing.

Needless to say, fans are anxiously waiting for Niantic to find a solution to this problem. However, it seems that they are not hurrying with this, and many people see it as being bad for their image.

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