Adobe Flash Player February Update Available with New Fixes

Something unexpected happened recently that took most users by surprise. Before we get into that however, let’s backpedal a bit to last week. Back then, Microsoft that it would not release a new security update for Windows, and that the regular patch that was supposed to be scheduled for February will be dropping in March alongside the March patch. That is still the case, at least in some ways.

When the announcement was made, Microsoft informed its largest customers via email, making everything very official. But, however, it would seem that some patches have gone out in February after all. To be a little more specific, we’re talking about the monthly updates for Adobe Flash Player, for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers. Another formal email was sent to inform customers with a high profile that Microsoft is sending out the Flash Player updates in February, and that no other planned update will be released until the scheduled March patch. Here is what the email message looks like:

“Microsoft is planning to release security updates for Adobe Flash Player. These updates will be offered to the following operating systems: Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows RT 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016 …

No other security updates are scheduled for release until the next scheduled monthly update release on March 14, 2017. “

Not a lot of people keep using Flash regardless of their browser of preference, but there are still some that do. This means that updates need to be rolled out so that unhappy situations involving security breaches don’t occur. Adobe Flash Player has been blasted late last year for its numerous and continuous security vulnerabilities.

It is very important to keep Flash updated if you decide to update it, although the service is pretty avoidable at this point. There are only a handful of website that only run on Flash still, most of them switching or being in the process of switching to HTML5.

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