Minecraft Tips For New Realm Players

Minecraft is sandbox video game that has been created by Markus “Notch” Persson. The game has been developed and published by Mojang, the company that’s now owned by Microsoft. Today we will give you some Minecraft tricks for new realm players.

Backing Up The Realm

The Minecraft world and all the settings that you have on are protected by the servers hosted by Mojang. This means that no matter how long you are offline, your Realm will be exactly how you left it when you return.

However, it’s not a bad idea to create a backup of your Realm, because random things can always happen. You can always accidentally burn a village, which you’ve worked pretty much to create it.

If you are using the Windows 10 / Pocket Edition, you will just need to head to “Edit Realm” in the Realms menu and you will see an option called “Download World”. By selecting that button, you will save the world on your device (make sure you have enough space).

In the PC / Mac version of Minecraft, you will need to backup your Realm by closing and reopening the Realm, as whenever you do this, you will instantly create a backup.

Restoring O Replacing Your Realm

If you created a backup of your realm, then it will be quite easy to restore it, as follows:

  • PC/MAC version: select the Realms Backup button and you will notice a timestamp on each of your backup along with an option to restore them
  • Windows 10 / Pocket Edition: select Replace World and then simply upload a previously downloaded world from your device.

Adding And Removing Players

You have full control on your server, meaning that you are able to add and remove players as you wish. On the Windows 10 / Pocket Edition of the game, the player that you want to invite will need to have an Xbox Live Account. After that, you will need to add him/her to your friend list and finally add it to the realm by pressing the “+” button next to their name.

On PC / Mac, you will need to select the Players tab and choose “Configure Realm” menu. Once the menu opens, you will have to select “Invite Player”, type their username and press the “Invite Player” button.

In order to remove a player from your Realm server on Windows 10 / Pocket Edition, you will have to select the “…” button, then the “minus” symbol. On the PC / Mac edition of the game, you will just need to select the “X” (red) button that’s located next to a players’ name.

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