Surface Pro 5 Latest Leaks and Rumors

Needless to say, everybody is excited about the official announcement of the next Surface Pro product. However, rumor has it that March is the month when we will finally see the Surface Pro 5, especially since there was no word about it at the MWC event that took place in February in Barcelona. Until Microsoft decides to spare us the suffering and announce something about it, we gathered all the rumors.

Release Date

Most likely we will get to see the Surface Pro 5 getting released this spring, since Microsoft did not respect their presumed date for October 2016. One more reason to think this is the fact that this spring we will also see the next major Windows 10 Update, dubbed the Creators Update, so most likely they will come together. There have also been some serious price cuts for already existing products in Microsoft’s offer, which might mean they are preparing their stocks.


According to some speculations that are circulating, the Surface Pro 5 will come complete with the Surface Pen, namely the stylus that comes together with the Surface Pro tablets in general. However, the catch is that it will be updated now, so that it will contain a rechargeable battery which you can charge wirelessly when you attach it to the tablet. Moreover, people say that the device could come with the Surface Dial feature which appeared first on the Surface Studio all-in-one PC.

One rumor that seems plausible is the one claiming that the Pro 5 will run on the latest generation of processors made by Intel. Some voices say that it’s going to be the 6th generation Skylake one, but others think it will be Kaby Lake. At the same time, there are people who believe Microsoft will switch over to a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU.

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