UC Browser Tips and Tricks

Millions of mobile Web browsers consider UC Browser as the most popular of its kind in the world. However, there are many users who don’t know about the cool features of this popular browser. In fact, there are many interesting and unique features not found in other browsers. Here are cool tips and tricks when using the UC Browser.

  • Ad Blocking Add-Ons with UC Browser

The beauty of UC Browser is the absence of ads that crawl over the webpage. It is but normal for people to create ads to make some money online. However, it would be so annoying for some ads that would seem to block the main purpose of websites.

When one would face this problem, it would be normal to simply avoid the site and visit another that would serve them best. But, there are moments when one should access the website and would have no choice but deal with the annoying ads.

For such cases, UC Brower provides a solution as it has a built-in feature that would block all the ads on the site. Thus, it would make surfing much faster, as you can check the ad-blocking settings of this browser from the menu.

  • Taking Screenshot of Webpages

Android devices are known for allowing users to take screenshots by simply pressing the volume down keys and power button. UC Browser also has included something that you would call a screenshot feature. The UC Doddles come with screenshot features that you can customize using the settings.

  • Enabling Night Mode

One of the most notable features of UC Browser is the Night Mode. You can enable the light mode from the menu to provide a relaxing feel to the eyes at night. Thus, the screen light would be reduced in order to protect the eyes from the extra light. You can turn this on though at any time you want.

  • Sharing Webpages to Social Networks

Most websites these days would have sharing options to be able to share Web pages on social media. In this case, you could find this feature on UC browser where users can share Web content or links to popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter.

  • Speed Dial Features

The Speed Dial feature of UC Browser would allow random websites that would make Web browsing faster compared to other conventional sites. Thus, you can see that some websites are added to the speed dial list as a default feature. However, you can also remove them by just long pressing the speed dial. Any websites will then be replaced to that space after you deleted the shortcut to that website.

  • Using Themes for Customization

You can use any image that you want as your theme background if you use UC Browser. Simply go to the Settings menu and then go to Theme. You just need to select any theme or just use your image from your phone as a background image. Using themes should be a great idea to give your device a new look with the UC Browser.

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