Adobe Flash Player Download Available with New Security Updates

Microsoft has released yet another security update for Adobe Flash Player which is integrated within the Windows operating system. The tech giant is usually rolling updates on Tuesday but they have postponed them the whole duration of February only to implement them this month. Rumor has it that they have encountered a glitch and were working towards a way of repairing it.

The failure to release such an important update hasn’t happened to Microsoft in nearly 10 years and not only did it leave users with no updated software but it also implies the fact that Adobe Flash Player didn’t receive any important fixes. When one takes into account that Adobe Flash is the preferred target of cyber attackers, Microsoft has sure raised some important questions from its users.

They have yet to release a statement regarding the delayed update and there is no clue about Microsoft’s choice of postponing the updates. The Microsoft Security Response Center announced that they are willing to replace its summary announcements regarding the state of Adobe Flash Player with a section entitled Security Updates Guide.

Flash patches are going to be totally designed to make sure the remote code execution vulnerabilities are going to be immediately addressed by their responsible team. Bulletins which are classified as critical in terms of importance on Windows operating systems are going to always take first priority as others are going to be patched as soon as their turn comes.

Microsoft might also be sticking with their current security patch updating and there is no news to be heard from the tech giant regarding the state of Adobe Flash as more and more search engine developers are completely ditching it in favor of the faster and safer HTML5.

Adobe Flash has become one of the most preferred targets for cyber attackers in terms of having a lot of vulnerabilities to be exploited with the sole benefit of stealing private information which will be used by unauthorized people. Not only is it extremely unsafe to use an outdated version of Adobe Flash but people are also advised to switch to browsers which use HTML5 when browsing the web.

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