Best Gmail Alternatives That Sparks your Interest

If you ask someone for their email address, they are most likely to hand over a Gmail address. However, there are also slight chances for email addresses from other services to be given. While Google’s Gmail is comfortably leading in terms of best email services, the others that claim to be Gmail competitors are really struggling to keep up and not get hacked in the process.

However, people shouldn’t think that the only available solutions are to either use Gmail or get hacked by using a pool service. There are actually a bunch of not so well known Email services that could make for great Gmail replacements. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with Gmail so many people wouldn’t see the point of replacing it but those that want to try something new or just spice things up a bit can try out some of these services.


This one is great for business as it comes with important features that allow users to save emails to popular notes apps like Evernote, and also incorporate websites like LinkedIn. On top of that, it can also shove emails to the side so that you won’t be bothered by notifications until you are ready to receive them. It’s a kind of “come back in 10 minutes” button that does a fantastic job.


WeMail might be perfect for users that love instant messaging. While this is still an email service, it does a fine job of emulating the instant messaging vibe. Half the time you could swear you’re on Messenger or WhatsApp with a new look, but in fact it’s WeMail, and its’ a service based on speed and fast delivery options.


Spark is only for the iOS platform and it reminds you of this through the kind of options it provides. The iOS exclusivity can be noticed in action as Spark provides a stable and secure environment that feels like a select club. The word of the day here is performance. Putting an emphasis on productivity, Spark manages to do a great job of replacing Google’s Gmail with something more platform-specific for iOS users.

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