Google Chrome Best Extensions that Changes the Way you Browse

When it comes to people that use Google’s Chrome browser, you can split them into two categories. The first category is the one that only uses Google Chrome as it is, without making any modifications to it. These users are perfectly happy with the way Google Chrome works, and they don’t feel the need for any additional customization or enhancement. While there’s nothing wrong with that, many would argue that these users are potentially missing out on some great features. The other category is quite the opposite. They love customization and they like constantly adding new things that can make Google Chrome better. The best way to enhance the capabilities of the browser is through extensions.

There are a lot of Chrome extensions available, and it would be understandably easy to get lost or confused in the midst of it all. In this article, we’re going to show you some of the best extensions that you can get for the browser.

Data Saver

Data Saver is a great extension that compresses data before sending it to users. This means that before reaching a website upon accessing the address, the data is compressed and detoured through the extension before reaching the user. This makes browsing a lot more efficient because it can limit the amount of bandwidth web pages need to be accessed.

Save to Google Drive

Google Drive is hands down a marvelous service, but many will agree that sometimes opening it feels like an incredibly challenging task. This extension makes it so you always have the option of saving something you see online directly to your Drive account. Not only will it speed up the process, but it will also allow you to save stuff from the internet, meaning you don’t have to download it into your PC necessarily.


This is a great extension that lets you trick people into thinking that you had just received an important phone call. A practical use of this is when co-workers won’t shut up, and you’re too polite to tell them to stop yapping about God knows what (because you stopped listening 10 minutes ago). NOPE asks for a phone number at which you can be contacted, and when you use the extension, it will call you and help you fake an important call. It even comes with instructions on how to do that so it’s all very credible.

This is one for people that like to keep lists and constantly organize stuff. Today, everyone uses between 2 and sometimes even 4 devices. This means that they need a platform that can sync all their notes and lists, and that’s what this extension does. It offers efficient cross-platform management, so it can help you take care of the notes on your phones as well.

Strict Workflow

This extension helps people focus on work and stop wasting company time on websites like YouTube or Facebook. These websites as well as many others are major causes for lack of productivity in the workplace, and this extension blocks those sites for a specific amount of time. Users get shorts brakes at regular intervals, but then it’s back to work, and the cycle is repeated.


This is the Google Chrome extension for the website with the same name. Both the website and extension allow users to listen to or create their own ambient music which can be used to relax or calm down. Mental focus can also be gained, and it’s all at the user’s discretion. There are a lot of management options such as sending or configuring sounds and lists and to make a long story short, you’ll probably spend a lot of time fiddling with the options and features.


Ever had so many tabs open that you couldn’t even see what each of them was for? That doesn’t have to ever happen again thanks to this extension. With OneTab, users can basically take all open tabs and kill them while adding a link for each address (opened tab) in a newly created tab. From there, users will be able to restore tabs or re-open them manually without having a congested workspace.

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