Google Maps Top Tips for Better and Faster Route

Google Maps is one of the most popular mobile applications out there and today we will give you a few tips and tricks that you can use for it.

  • Gesture Control

The Google Maps application allows you to zoom into a map using the pinch-in feature. If you are driving while using the Google Maps application, it is good to know that you can improve this feature by double tapping with one finger and, after that, without lifting your finger drag down to zoom or drag up to zoom out.

  • Adding Custom Locations

Google Maps allows you to add custom addresses, which is awesome, especially if you are in a rush and you don’t want to search for a specific place. We suggest you to save some locations that you frequently visit, such as work place, home, a specific restaurant etc.

  • Adding Stops On Your Route

There are people who like to travel by car for thousands of kilometers, which is quite awesome. However, if you plan to do this, we suggest you to add some stops on your route before you leave home. This way, you will know better where you can stop, for example to a hotel where you’ve made a reservation to crash in over the night.

You can add multiple stops in your route by tapping on the “Add stop” after setting the travel destination.

  • Selecting A Departure Time

We have to mention that this feature is found on the PC version of Google Maps. The departure time will allow you to see the estimative traffic. This way, you will be able to choose a departure time when you will know that the road is quite clear.

HINT: Keep in mind that the traffic report is not always 100% accurate, but you will have an idea about the typical traffic conditions during a particular time.

  • Offline Maps

As most of you know, the Google Maps app is using the Internet to access the maps from the servers. However, you are able to use the offline maps feature that allows you to save a part of a map to your mobile device. This is great, especially when your device has not access to the internet.

You can download a map for offline use by tapping on the “Offline Areas” located in the left panel and select the area that you want to save on your mobile handset.

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