Adobe Flash Player Scam Tricks People into Installing Malware

Users of both Google’s Android operating system and the Flash Player service should watch out now more than ever as a new threat has surfaced. The threat targets the users of the two aforementioned goods, and acts through tricking users into installing malicious software. Those that have Flash installed on Android devices are advised to keep away from shady web pages that prompt them to install or “update” things.

Basically, this new threat operates by showing users a fake message which says Adobe Flash Player needs to be updated. If users make the mistake of accessing that link, they are redirected to a malicious page which further entangles them and spreads the corruption. The new page will also let people know that their Battery Saving mode has been turned off, and will provide with a toggle button.

Needless to say, using that toggle will not end well, as it will redirect those that do to the phone’s Accessibility options. From here, masked as a fake toggle for Battery Saver, the malware will trick people into allowing it to gain control of the device. From this point, it’s pretty bad for users as the phone is now forced to download more software, malware and spyware that will aid the attackers in doing as they please with the victim’s phone.

It can be very difficult to actually get loose from this predicament, as further fake screens will provide layers of protection for the infection, which won’t be easy to remove. Security specialists are warning users of the dangers of accessing shady web pages or downloading and installing shady software. They also remind users that the best way to keep their phones clean and secure is by avoiding trouble in the first place. It will always be easier to prevent than to repair. There are also security software for mobile phones which can help detect or avoid malware while using a mobile device.

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