GTA 5 Online Update Comes with New Features and Improvements

GTA 5 fans are really thrilled now since the big update for Rockstar, named Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle, will arrive on March 14, which is next week. Rockstar issued a message in a news announcement, and they said that the Special Vehicle races are designed for specific vehicles, and are based on their own set of tactics and skills. Moreover, fans are going to receive a new batch of bonuses and discounts in GTA Online.

Rockstar also declared that the release of Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle, will bring a different type of high-flying competition into the game universe. You will also see 20 new Stunt Races added to the game, which are custom made for Blazer Aqua, Rocket Voltic and Ruiner 2000 vehicles, taking into account their unique possibilities and characteristics. As such, there are lots of varieties of races for each fan.

Moreover, through Legendary Motorsport we will also receive the Progen GP1, which is a new supercar created in a classical style. Despite the fact that this update sounds really good, it should be nothing compared to what the developers are preparing for the next couple of months.

People believe that the main updates prepared for 2017 are being delayed now and preserved for the middle of the year. According to rumors and speculations, the game will have more Adversary Modes, together with lots of new vehicles.

In the beginning of this year, Rockstar confirmed that they will also be bringing some of the most popular GTA vehicles for the first time: Infernus Classic and Turismo Classic. The weekend before the release of the update was also full wit bonuses and discounts, and the fans that got a chance to enjoy them were really satisfied. If you hurry, maybe you can still get some special offers for Double GTA$ and RP Stunt Races!

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  1. I bought a CRMINAL game and it turned into a CHILDS RACING game? WTF? NO new heists, NO new groups with cool stuff to buy and sell, just MORE “shark card” bait BULLSHIT! With more cars you CANNOT STEAL in a game “called” GRAND THEFT AUTO! EAT ME!

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