GTA 6 New Content Leaked Over

Lately, it seems that Rockstar Games is focusing more on improving GTA 5 instead of working on GTA 6. Moreover, they are currently working on another game, Red Dead Redemption 2, which should be released towards the end of this year.

Release date

At least we have the confirmation that GTA 6 will exist, though there is no release date announced for it. Most people think it will happen in 2018, but there are some voices saying that 2019 seems most likely. And it seems plausible to be in 2019, since after the release of Red Dead Redemption, the developers would need more time in order to develop it.

We will keep getting new content for GTA 5

As such, it seems that all the improvements the team is bringing to GTA 5 are just tricks in order to gain some more time for preparing GTA 6. Moreover, they’re a good strategy in order to keep fans loyal and not get bored of the same old content. GameSpot reported that there were a lot of expansions released, such as the Import/Export one launched in December last year or the new stunt races added to the game.

Droid Report showed that there are more stunt races to come, involving the Blazer Aqua, Ruiner 2000 and Rocket Voltic vehicles. The continuous new flow of content keeps adding to one of the best-selling games ever made by Rockstar Games.

Rumors about the game

About GTA 6, needless to say, there are lots of rumors. One of them claims that the team will use a new map outside US, and London was one of the possibilities. Naturally, the game will include new vehicles and protagonists, especially a new female character, such as Eva Mendes. Ryan Gosling was also rumored to borrow his voice for the male character. However, probably we will receive the main updates about the game after the team releases Red Dead Redemption 2.

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  1. ” Moreover, they’re a good strategy in order to keep fans loyal and not get bored of the same old content. ” Umm 2-3 years of nothing but ONLINE Gaming, and the same exact ads month in and month out? Gamers have already become BORED with the game. I used to be ONLINE and have stopped. Because it is the same BS for 2-3 years now. Casino open? Nope Race Track Open to bet on races? Nope. Gang Territorial Fights like GTA SA OFFLINE? Nope I have agreed with other gamers. Resident Evil 7 or WWE2K17? Have become more fun now. It’s time they start GTA 6. I am even playing GTA SA, GTA III, GTA LCS & GTA VCS. I feel GTA V is running on Life Support right now. Because they keep trying to attract gamers with the same ads they have done for 1 year straight now. smh I just hope GTA 6 is A LOT more realistic. Google Yachts, Lamborghini’s, etc etc You’ll see they are nowhere near MILLION$ Of DOLLAR$. Be sure to recongnize? Most Americans carry Credit Cards, or Debit Bank Cards. In which has A LOT more than $17 in it. Some have as much as $25,000+ in their account, and? Credit Cards Maxed Out? Goes waaaaaaay past $17 Some guys go into Strip Clubs with over $1000. Instead? We have RSG giving us pocket change, and businesses that make something close to nothing. or we are doing jobs for FREE! Then? Buy Golf Course for $150,000,000??? What a JOKE!!! Hell? We couldn’t even Rob Banks (Free Mode) For OFFLINE? You have to rely on Wall St to get rich (on a fixed system of getting rich AFTER you basically beat the game). Oh but hey? You have this outstanding time flipping off people, Yoga, Tennis, Golf. Awww No Knitting Classes? smh lol If it wasn’t for Director’s Mode on PS4? The game wouldn’t even be worth buying if you don’t play ONLINE. Just think? Director’s Mode was so incomplete. There was no Recruit Anyone. There was nothing in robbing places, hell? You couldn’t even go inside a strip club. We can use our ONLINE Characters, but for what?? There is NOTHING in Missions, etc etc for them to do, and no way possible of building up ONLINE POINTS for them. Beings most gamers wanted SINGLE PLAYER GAME PLAY ONLINE!!! RSG? FINISH Director’s Mode!!! (for GTAV & Create for GTA 6) So gamers have something to play OFFLINE, so we are NOT feeling like we are being FORCED TO GO ONLINE!

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