Adobe Flash Player March Update

It was announced by Microsoft that the February update for Adobe Flash Player would be deferred due to some bug fixes that need to be done first on Windows machines. However, the update will then be moved to March 2017 after the said fixes will be accomplished.

Accordingly, security updates will be released by Microsoft after patching some issues with Flash Player. In an email from the company to its customers, Microsoft said that it would release the security updates for the Adobe Flash Player. For this reason, the updates will be given for a number of Windows operating system versions on March 14, 2017.

As of the moment, it is not yet precise what Microsoft is fixing in the updates. More so, there are no reports as to why the company chose to release such bug fixes and not some of the others that were released in the February patch.

On the other hand, Google has publicized an unresolved security issue as part of the Project Zero. This was an SMB crashing bug considered a priority by a lot of users. This update publishes zero-day bugs after 90 days when Google allows the developer to know that the bug is existing. For this reason, Microsoft offered a response to the alleged unresolved security concern.

In a statement by a Microsoft spokesperson, it is said that a fix would be on the way to deal with this problem. Thus, it is stated that Windows is the only platform dedicated to investigate some security issues in which they can proactively update the infected devices.

Perhaps the critical security update will be addressed by Adobe in order to resolve certain issues such as memory corruption, integer overflow, and type confusion, among others. Thus, it is expected that the March update should give Adobe Flash Player a way to resolve these issues.

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