Google Earth Pro Tips and Tricks for Daily Use

A lot of people are now enjoying the benefits of Google Earth Pro. If you are one of the few who are not yet aware about its significance, here are some useful tips and tricks that you might find useful.

You Can Add Your Own Image

There are a couple of ways to add photos from your PC. Firstly, you can insert a picture as a separate object, which will appear in Google Earth differently, as they float on the surface of the earth. However, it wouldn’t appear on the additional info window as would linked images. Secondly, it will also allow users to create folders in My Places heading to help keep Placemarks, organized photos, and projects.

Manipulate Historical Imagery

The Historical Imagery tool can be useful when used in the right way. This would enable the user to analyze changes in the landscape over time. Historical imagery, for instance, can be very useful to view the progress of some cleanup, just like what happened on the World Trade Center terror attack in 2001. In this case, you can search for the exact location of a particular landmark and determine the changes over the months or years, including any catastrophic incidences.

Creating Walking Tours

By using the direction tool, you can easily and efficiently navigate from one point to another by any means, such as riding a car, bicycle, public transport or simply by foot. This will enable you to create a walking route that should connect 3 Placemarks. Addition of GIS data is also possible with Google Earth Pro, instead of just converting the shape files to KML.

Solving Legal Property Quarrels

Property ownership conflicts can also be resolved if you are going to install Google Earth Pro. This is via parcel data, which would clearly define property boundaries. Basically, such data can be very hard and expensive to acquire. However, with Google Earth Pro, you can take advantage of parcel data, which will make it possible to search a particular land and determine the ownership. Moreover, it would come with a unique ID and would support easy searching via these IDs.

Avoiding Congested Traffic

Google Earth provides layers on top of the world to visualize the things that you would want to consider. The good thing about the pro version is that it provides more layers that you can work on. These would include historical traffic data, but such would not be available in real-time data. Nevertheless, it can provide a handy data, particularly when you want to know the traffic conditions in a particular time of the day. You might just need a hand to tell you which areas are the least congested when you are in such a hurry heading to work or going home.

Google Earth Pro has a lot of features up its sleeves for everyone, regardless if you are a student, executive or tourist. In fact, the free version of Google Earth Pro now offers some tips and tricks that you might find useful for daily use.

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