Adobe Flash Player Updates for Google Chrome Browser 32-bit Users and IT Admins

Some users ask about the installation of the latest version of Flash Player in Google Chrome. Google Chrome browser (32-bit) already has built-in Adobe Flash Player and updates on Google Chrome is automatic so long as the option is enabled. But in October last year, Chrome 54 stopped supporting Adobe Flash Player, that is, the free software is no longer pre-installed in Chrome Browser or Chrome MSI.

As for users with earlier Chrome versions, they get to have the latest security updates if and when a new version of Flash is available. In order to know if the software is up-to-date, simply verify by going to “About Google Chrome” and under the “Tools” menu, the version will be indicated.

It is also possible to install plug-in versions of Adobe Flash Player by installing release or preview versions of the software or running developer debugger versions. However, this can also be done by developers and advanced users since ordinary users of Flash might find the steps complicated.

For IT admins, there are two options on how to go about the update. First is to allow Google to update Flash automatically and this is also the recommended option. By enabling the Chrome Component Updater and making it the default option, users who will be using Flash for the first time will be able to since it will download and install by itself. Updates will also be automatic.

Conversely, the second option leaves the admin to manually install Flash using the Adobe Flash MSI. Moreover, updates should also be done manually using the Adobe Flash MSI.

Adobe Flash Player is a lightweight browser plug-in that allows users to view rich internet content as well as watch animation and stream videos. However, it has also been criticized for flaws in terms of security. Consequently, for the past year, updates have already been released fifteen times, with the latest Flash Player update with vulnerability fixes.

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