Gmail Update Required to Avoid Security Issues

One of the latest updates about Gmail is that it would stop supporting older versions of Google Chrome. The search engine giant has announced that it would discontinue its support for outdated Chrome browser version 53. Thus, it would be redirected to the basic HTML version of Gmail starting December.

The problem with most users is that they don’t care about the version of Chrome they are using. However, this silent update would ensure that most users should get the latest version available for the browser. Nevertheless, some people can’t upgrade because of some reasons, including older operating systems.

If you are still using an older version of Windows, such as XP and Vista, you might consider upgrading to a more recent OS. This is because Chrome version 53 or even earlier would display a banner on top of Gmail alerting users.

Full access to Gmail can still be achieved if users would have at least use Chrome 54. Otherwise, Google will not be able to provide security updates to those using older versions of the browser. Therefore, this makes Gmail a more vulnerable target for security risks, while users will not be able to access bug fixes and new features.

Based on statistics, Windows XP still achieves 5% of the overall market shares in terms of desktop browser. Although upgrading to Windows 10 might be an ideal recommendation pushed by Microsoft, those diehard XP users might consider this just a little incentive for them.

Amid the Gmail update, users still hooked up to older versions of Windows will greatly be affected. This is because version 49 was the last to support operating systems such as Windows XP and Vista. Moreover, Microsoft no longer maintain such systems, so users are encouraged to migrate to systems that are more secured.

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