Clash of Clans Strategies That Are Sure To Help You Dominate

There’s no secret that Clash of Clans is game that is love by many gamers across the globe. It’s clever, strategy-based approach can be rather addictive, in a good way. Here are a few strategies, tactics and tricks that will help you dominate in gameplay every single time.

Raid the quitters

This might seem as a bit unorthodox, or at least unfair, but it’s actually super fun and worth trying. There surely are many players that weren’t strong enough to make it in the sometimes demanding world of Clash of Clans, and you can get to pick up what they left behind. There are a few clues you can look for in your free 30 seconds of inspection, such as:

  • Tombstones;
  • Sleeping builders;
  • League badges;
  • Full bins near gold mines.

If you detect such an abandoned village, you can easily harvest for resources in it. Just enjoy the easy farming you can get out of it and don’t feel guilty about it!

Storages and Collectors

It’s generally a very good strategy to constantly check your Collectors and Drills and move items from them into your Storages. Storages are safer and better guarded than collectors. If your Storage is raided, only 20% of resources such as Gold or Elixir would be stolen, compared to 50% from Collectors.

Even better, only 7% or less of Dark Elixir from Dark Elixir Storage can be taken during a raid, while up to 75% of that stored in Drills can be unlawfully taken from you. As far as resource caps go, collectors have no maximum cap limit of resources that can be stolen per raid, while Storages have a 200k to 400k limit on Gold and Elixir depending on Town Hall’s level and a 1.2k to 3k limit on Dark Elixir.

XBow visual cues

The XBow can be an amazing force to have on hand because it shoots fast on a huge range, which can seriously improve your attacks and thus weakens your opponent’s defenses, or viceversa if you’re the one undergoing the attack. The enemy XBow can also provide you with visual cues and clues that will let you know when your opponent is weak.

For example, if the XBow is empty (no string and no elixir canister on it), it means the battle has already unfolded, and you can now attack XBow-free. Similarly, if the XBow is angled at the ground, it cannot strike air units. Therefore, Dragons, Healers, Minions and Balloons are 100% safe from its wrath.


Although many tried and tested veterans of Clash of Clans already know this trick by now, it’s still worth mentioning for those that still haven’t gotten round to it yet. It’s a known fact that the Barracks and Dark Barracks allow you to queue the troops you want to train, but it has a maximum limit that depends on upgrading level. However, you can trick it by choosing troops that require a really long training time, such as Dragons. The troop at the top of the queue can process the wait time even if there’s technically no room for it in the roster.

Lure mobile defenses away

Mobile defense Heroes such as the Archer Queen can inflict a considerable amount of damage to your troops. However, you can sacrifice just a few troops to lure them away from the battle scene easily. You can also speed up this process by using a lightning spell on all mobile defenses once you grouped them together. This will cost you, but it can avoid other heavy losses.

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